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Land for Sale in Arkansas Ozarks

Don Davis


This land was bought by the present owner and my dad, Don Davis, in 1975 from an old man named Vandilla Voss. We don’t know how long he owned it. But before he had it, it was a peach orchard, and you can still see the mounds from the peach trees if you know where to look on the property.

Mr. Voss constructed many rock walls here and there on the property, and we used many of those rocks he collected for the fireplace and chimney, and the skirt around the foundation. We harvested some giant creek rocks for the hearth from the border of the property. The local mason who did all the rock work was named Joe Montgomery, and I watched him place the huge central hearth rock completely by himself! He wouldn’t let us help – he was afraid we’d get hurt.

The pier-and-beam foundation rests on a footing that took 44 yards of concrete to fill, so the house is not going anywhere! I hand-peeled the logs myself, and cleaned up the reclaimed wood we used in construction as well. The carpentry was handled by a local carpenter named Shelby Robinson and his crew, and Shelby is still living in the area.

The wood flooring and beams were all reclaimed from a 100-year-old hardware warehouse that was being torn down in Ft. Smith, about an hour away. We bought that wood by the dump truck load for $100/load.

The local school system is excellent while staying small and friendly, one of the many aspects that help make the area a great place to raise a family. Only 1.5 hours from Little Rock and Fayetteville, it’s a centrally-located spot with quick day-trip access to cities, shopping, colleges, etc.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the place, or scheduling a personal tour, call Don Davis at 479.885.3186.


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  1. Brad
    February 20, 2017

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    Land for sale? Pictures? thanks!

    • danny
      February 20, 2017

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      Hey Brad
      If you go to the homepage, you can see a few pictures, but also a video of the place:
      We don’t have interior pictures of the house yet, but will post some as soon as we have them.
      Thanks for your interest!

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